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Watch Youtube Video On Your TV Screen

I had a post that talk about Youtube TV channel that allows you to use game client to watch Youtube video on TV set. But you can not use your browser to direct watch it, only you can do is to install a Firefox extension that called User Agent Switcher, after that you can watch video with your browser.

Now, Youtube has launch XL channel that allows you use regular browser to watch high quality videos. Of course, it also allows you to use game system to watch videos on TV screen, like Wii, Play Station. It is good for people who like play game and watch video on big screen.

我以前写过一篇有关Youtube TV的文章,它主要介绍使用游戏客户端在电视上观看Youtube视频。但是你无法用电脑浏览器来直接登陆这个频道,只能在你安装了一个叫User Agent Switcher的Firefox添加件后才能观看视频。

现在,Youtube开始运行XL频道,它可以让你用普通浏览器来观看高清晰的视频。当然,也可以使用游戏客户端来观看,如Wii, Play Station。这对那些游戏迷和喜欢在大屏幕上观看视频的人来说是一个不错的选择。

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