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Limited Time For Grab Paragon System Backup 2010

Recently, Paragon Software offers a limited promotion that give away a backup software - Paragon System Backup 2010. This software can backup your PC data automatically, it can create system backup image disc for recover system.

How can we get it for free? First step, go to this page, fill your personal information, like name, email address, language and country. After you clicked "Submit" button, just wait an email from Paragon Software, you can find a user name and registration code inside.

Then, you can download it here. Hurry! this promotion is limited.

最近,Paragon Software有一个限时宣传活动,它免费赠送一个电脑备份软件 - Paragon System Backup 2010。这个软件可以自动备份你的电脑数据,并可以创建image碟盘来恢复电脑系统。

我们如何才能免费得到这个软件?只要到这个页面,输入你的个人信息到表格中,如姓名、邮件地址、语言和国家。在你点击"Submit"按钮后就可以得到一封来自Paragon Software的邮件,里面附有用户名和注册码。


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