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Send Large Files With Sizablesend

If we want share some pictures with your friends how can we do? I think most people will think about to use email service, but all email servers are limited size of file. How can we to sand big file like video via email? No way! But we have some alternated ways, like to use file hosting service or some services that help to do this job.

Sizablesend is a web service that helps you send large files to your friends. It is easy to use this service, just fill an email form including your email address, receiver's address, and message. After that, click "Select Files" and "Start Uploading" buttons to choose and upload your file. You can send five files, 500MB each once time, unlimited how many times you use this service.

After all done, Sizablesend will send a download link to receiver who can use that link to download file. It does not mention how long it hold upload file, but to use this service is not necessary register.




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