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Create An Encrypted Email Online

Secrets is a web application for encrypted email, it uses DES encryption algorithm with keys at 64 bits, 128 bits, 256 bits, 448 bits to secure your email. It based on Google Mail, so you can sign in with your Gmail ID.

Use Secrets to create an encrypted mail is easy if you have Gmail ID, but you can send anyone who do not have Gmail account. The main problem is receiver have to use his personal email address to register an account with Gmail server if you do not have one, then you have to sign in and check encrypted email who sent to you.

Sender can setup a password after created email, that password should be using when receiver check mail. You can look at some creenshots below.

Sender create encrypted email:

Click "Compose" button to write an email.

Setup a password.

Receiver check mail:

After receiver got an encrypted mail just click a link.

Click "Decrypted" button.

Fill password.

Secrets是一个在线运用程式,它使用DES算法64 bits, 128 bits, 256 bits, 448 bits来加密电子邮件。这个服务基于Google Mail服务,所以你可以用你的Gmail ID登陆。

如果你有Gmail ID的话使用Secrets来创建加密邮件比较简单,你也可以发送给那些使用任何电子邮件的人。问题是,如果收件人不是Gmail的用户的话就需要用他个人的那个邮件地址在Gmail服务器上注册一个账户,登陆后才能查看加密邮件。


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