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Use ShowRSS Download TV Show In Torrent Client Automatically

Do you like use Torrent client to download TV show? Some people like, especially for people who can not watch the show on TV set. But you should be search on internet to keep everything is new that you can download.

ShowRSS is a web service that helps you to keep track of your favorite TV shows with your torrent client. You can setup your favorite list, and subscribe to your feed. It can be combined with your torrent client, so latest episodes are automatically download. It makes downloading simple and quickly.

Now, it supports Vuze, µTorrent and Transmission (with Automatic). You do not have to setup something, just register with ShowRSS, on feeds section you can choose options.



目前,它所支持的变态下载客户端为VuzeµTorrentTransmission (结合Automatic)。你并不需要设置什么,只要到ShowRSS进行注册,在feeds部分你可以选择一些选项。

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