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Make Your Own Funeral Online

I like surf on internet, never feel tired, always can find something new everyday. But some web services are rare, even I think if people like use them. Today, I like introduce a web service that called My Wonderful Life.

This is a rare web service that I talk about, it gives you place to plan your own funeral. Do you think if that is rare? With it you can write down your wishes, love letter for you loved one, note, design your favorite headstone, upload some your photos what can be used at your service. After you did that you can point someone or several people who will be notified via email when you die.

The service is free, if you are interesting about this service you can try.

我喜欢浏览网络,从来也不厌倦,每天总会发现一些新动员。但是有些网络服务比较不寻常,甚至连我也觉得是否有人使用这种服务。今天,我想介绍一个网络服务,它叫My Wonderful Life



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