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Web Based Virtual Operation System

I had some posts that talk about web based virtual desktop which is an application that based on web, you do not have to install it into your computer, just use your browser to running. iCloud is a virtual web based operation system that lets you use your browser to run a desktop as local machine.

iCloud looks like other online virtual desktop services but it has more functions. You can use email, use browser to surf websites, store and play photo, video, check calendar, write note and so on. Just like use your local machine, even you can invite someone to share your files.

I am interesting about WebDAV that is an application to install your computer. It is a cloud drive that lets you easy to upload or download files as an external hard drive. I did not spend a lot of time to practice, I think maybe I can find more features late. I really like introduce it to everyone who like new stuff. iCloud is free for register.




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