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One Click Online Password Manager

I know many people pay more attention to online security, we know how important to manage our online passwords. I spend a lot of times online, and I have hundreds online accounts, because I have to check out every online service which my post mentioned. To be honest, I am using LastPass which is very good online password manager. But I would like to try new online password manager.

Mitto is an online password manager, you can register a free account. After you have an account you can add services, like email, social networking sites, online bank, shopping sites. After added a service, fill your use name and password, after save that all done. If you want login that service which you added, it is very simple, just click that service link under "My Top One-click Logins", it will automatically sign in your account.

I think Mitto is a good online password manager, if you like me have hundreds online accounts you should have a try.

BTW, it has some similar online password managers: PassPack, Keywallet, Clipperz, My Safe Box, Hangy Password.


Mitto是一个网络密码管理器,你可以免费注册一个账户。在此之后,你可以添加任何网络服务,如电子邮件、社会性网络网站、在线银行、在线购物网站等等。添加一个网络服务后,输入用户名和密码保存即可。如果你想登陆该网站的话,只要在"My Top One-click Logins"下一键点击该链接,它会自动登陆你的账户。


另外,其他类似的网络密码服务网站有:PassPack, Keywallet, Clipperz, My Safe Box, Hangy Password

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