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Download 1000 New Songs Legally

I like turn on radio when I am driving, most time the radio station play some popular songs again and again. I like some my favorite popular songs but sometimes we need fresh air. If you are boring listen to old artists' songs you should be listen to some new musician's songs.

Now, we have a way to download new music legally. Song Downloads is a website that offers 1000 new songs for free download, you can download song with two formats: M4A and MP3. These songs are from new musicians, I think most songs I have never heard before but still very good. This promotion holds by Reverbnation and Microsoft.


现在,我们有一个方法可以合法地下载新音乐。Song Downloads是一个网站,它提供1000首新歌免费下载,你可以有两种格式下载:M4A和MP3。这些歌曲来自新音乐家,我想大部分歌曲我从来没有听过,但是仍然不错。这个宣传是由ReverbnationMicrosoft举办。

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