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New Free VPN Service - Itshidden

My blog covers internet security that included about how to surf internet anonymously. I personal think VPN is best way to hide your IP address online, I had several posts that talk about free VPN service. Unfortunately, some free VPN services cancel their free service after their business are growing up, like AlwaysVPN. After some affairs happened in China, Iran, VPN services seem very popular, lot's of traffic came from China and Iran to my blog, they are searching some good ways to bypass internet censorship in their country. Today, I like introduce another new free VPN service.

Itshidden is a new free VPN service, it had launch beta version at 17th July 2009. You have 4GB bandwidth, it uses 128 Bit secure connection to ensure privacy over all networks. You do not have to install any software, just register a free account with Itshidden, then follow these steps to setup Network Connection.

1, Click "Start" on your computer.
2, Click "Control Panel" on menu.
3, Click "Network Connection", open a new window.
4, Click "Create a new connection" on Network Tasks where on left of window.
5, Click "Next" button, and choose "Connect to the network at my workplace" on next window.
6, Choose "Virtual Private Network connection".
7, Take a name for this VPN, like "Itshidden", click "next" button.
8, Choose "Do not dial the initial connection", click "Next" button.
9, Fill host name:, click "Next" button.
10, Click "Finish" button.

That is all done. If you want connect Itshidden VPN you can double click "Itshidden" on "Network Connection". The server's IP address in Netherlands.


Itshidden是一个新的VPN服务,它从2009年7月17日开始测试运转。你有4GB带宽,它使用128 Bit加密整个网络接入。你并不需要安装任何软件,只要在Itshidden上注册一个账户, 然后跟随下面的步骤来设定。

1, 在你的电脑上点击"开始"。
2, 在菜单上点击"控制面板"。
3, 点击"网络连接",打开一个新窗口。
4, 在界面的左方“网络任务”下,点击"建立一个新连接" 。
5, 点击"下一步"按钮,选择"在我的工作地连接网络"。
6, 选择"Virtual Private Network connection"。
7, 为这个VPN取一个名字, 如"Itshidden",点击"下一步"按钮。
8, 选择"在开始连接时不要拨号",点击"下一步"按钮。
9, 输入host地址:,点击"下一步"按钮。
10, 点击"结束"按钮。

全部完成设置。如果你想要使用Itshidden VPN的话,你可以在“网络连接”内双击"Itshidden"即可。该VPN服务器设在荷兰,速度也不错。

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