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Search File With DownloadAnyStuff

If you like internet you should find a good resource for everything, to use search engine is simple but you can do it better, I mean to improve search results. If you want search a piece of song, a video, or document file, how can you do? I think most people will use Google or other search engine. Yes, that is right. But you will find a huge result that it giving. How to focus on a few useful results? Maybe this site can help you.

Download Any Stuff is a search site that powered by Google, that means you still use Google search engine but improved results. It also lets you search files where they host on Rapidshare and Megaupload. It is simple to use, just like Google, if you want focus file searching you can drop down menu, pick one to search.


Download Any Stuff是一个搜索网站,它是一个客户化的Google搜索器,也就是说你仍然使用的是Google,但改善了搜索结果。它也可以让你搜索在网络寄存网站上的文件,如RapidshareMegaupload。它很容易使用,与原来的Google没有什么不同。如果你要聚焦搜索的话可以下拉菜单,选择一个搜索器。

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