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Backup Your Files With Cloud Storage

I had some posts that talk about online backup or storage services, most this kind of service are similar, just lets you use website to upload your files. A few online file backup services are synchronization with local drive, like Dropbox, Mozy. Today I would like talk about another one a little bit more, it is a little bit special, it called ZumoDrive that I had mention it before .

ZumoDrive is a cloud storage, it mounts remote storage as a local hard disk on your PC, you can transfer data by drag and drop files in windows explorer as a local drive. The best point is it can run files like video, audio at once, you do not have to wait download whole file. It offers 1GB free online space, if you want more space you can order other monthly plans. The special spot is even your hard drive small, it still mounts big space with your local drive. It is very good for cellphone. This is a big difference between ZumoDrive and other online backup service.

To run ZumoDrive you have to download an application, it only supports Window operation system now.

我有一些文章是介绍有关在线备份或储存服务,大部分这样的服务都相同,大多是使用网站来上传你的文件,只有少数在线备份服务使用同步备份文件。如:Dropbox, Mozy。今天,我要谈的是另一个比较特别的网络备份服务,它叫ZumoDrive,我以前曾经简单介绍过。

ZumoDrive是一个云储存,它可将远程空间映射到本机硬盘上。你可以使用拖拉的方式来传输文件,如同使用本机的windows explorer一样。最好的特点是它可以立刻运转一些文件如视频、音频,并不需要等到下载全部的文件。它提供1GB免费空间,如果你需要更多空间的话可以选择其他的付费包月计划。最特别的地方是,即使你的硬盘很小,它也能将大空间映射到本机中。这非常适合手机使用,也是ZumoDrive与其他网络备份服务最大的不同之处。


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