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Web Links 07/02/2009

Textise - a web based service that turns any web site to a text version.

5Min - a video site that shoes you how to do in your life.

Cryptimg - an online tool that puts text massage hide in image.

Kicknote - puts over 100,000 different web pages about your favorite musicians into one site.

Multiurl - puts multiple web addresses into one.

Yooouuutuuube - play Youtube video on an individual window.

Textise - 一个在线网络的服务,可将任何网站的内容转为纯文字版。

5Min - 一个视频网站,用视频的方式告诉生活中如何做。

Cryptimg - 一个在线工具可将文字信息隐藏在图片中。

Kicknote - 将超过100000个不同的音乐家网站合成一个。

Multiurl - 将多个网址合成一个地址。

Yooouuutuuube - 可在一个单独的窗口播放Youtube视频。

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