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Enhance Google Search Results With NovaGoogle

I had several posts these talk about search engine, we have a big brother - Google, it is a very strong power search engine, but we do not like this big brother watch us while we use it. That is why I still want use other search engines, at least I want try Google search engine through other one, like NovaGoogle.

This search site powered by Google but enhance search result. You can find more information about search results, it has preview function that allows you preview website of result. This function has two ways: simple preview and deep preview. Simple one is move your mouse on "Preview", it gives you a thumbnail. Deep preview is click "Preview", it uses a frame to display that site and lats you surfing. This function lets you preview result site that you searched without leave main search page, if you want keep look other results just simple close preview frame. It is very good convenient.

我有些文章谈的是有关搜索引擎,我们有一个大哥 - Google,它是一个非常强大的搜索引擎,但是我们并不希望这个大哥在我们使用它的时候在一边监视。这也就是为何我仍然希望使用其他的搜索器,至少通过第三方来使用Google,如NovaGoogle


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