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Use Free Small Secured Proxy Clients Hide Your IP

I wrote several posts that talk about free VPN service, I know this is a best way to protect yourself online. But sometimes we can use some small secured proxy to do that job, like hide IP address, surf some blocked sites. Today, I would like share a few small free secured proxy clients.

Puff is a small secured proxy client, just 800kb. Very simple interface but that is Chinese version. It is not too hard to figure out to use this client. Only five buttons on interface, from up to down: Connect Server, Off Server, Use IE With Client, Use IE Without Client, Exit Client. If you use IE browser you do not have to setup anything, but for other browsers you have to setup proxy with your browser network connection. The secured IP address is in US, you can use it to watch some US TV programs, like Hulu.
Download Puff

Toonel is a small java client, only 117kb. This client designed for reduce broadband, but it also can be using like a secured proxy. After you running this client, you have go to "Mapping" -> -> "Apply" on the window. This is only thing you have to do, next step is setup your browser network connection with proxy All done. The server IP is in Germany.
Download Toonel

Hopster is a small http tunnel client, it designed for instant messenger, like ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, mIRC, Windows Messenger. But we can use it with some browsers which support socks proxy server. After installed client, you have to setup browser network connection with socks proxy If you want use it with your instant messenger you can pick one you wanted on interface. Compare to other two clients, Hopster seems slow, and it has a small ads window appears on the corner. The server IP is in Austria.
Download Hopster

I think best one is Puff, Toonel is OK, but Hopster is too slow and pop-up window is annoying. Introducing but I am not recommend it.



Toonel是一个小的java客户端,仅有117kb。这个客户端原来是为减少带宽而设计的,但我们可以用它来作为一个加密代理使用。在你运转该客户端后,可以在界面上作下面的动作:"Mapping" -> -> "Apply",然后在浏览器的“网络连接”项目上设置代理:,这样就完成了。该服务器的IP地址在德国。

Hopster是一个小的http tunnel客户端,它为一些即时通讯器而设计,如ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, mIRC, Windows Messenger。但是它也可以被有socks服务功能的浏览器用作浏览网站。在安装好客户端后,你可以将浏览器的“网络连接”项目上socks代理设定为:。如果你想使用即时通讯器的话可以在界面上的选项上打上钩。比较上面的两个软件,Hopster显然速度比较慢,而且它还会在屏幕一角跃出一个广告窗口。该服务器在奥地利。



Anonymous said...

hello admin.

i just found this vpn client who claims to be free for use.

do you have any idea if it is safe and working or just a scam or a trojan?

virus scan results are contradictory and the exe file is also on cnet downloads which makes it possible to be legitimate.

i run it on sandbox environment but it doesn't establish connection.maybe driver is not compatible with sandboxie or not?

Living Online said...

I already posted this free VPN, look it at this link.
Yes, this client has a problem that contains something which I do not know, my anti-virus software also warned me. Be careful if you want install it.

Anonymous said...


does it connects to the ypothetical server or not for you?