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Grab Movie Edit Pro Silver For Free

Magix has some good professinal software, Movie Edit Pro is one of them, it is a very good tool for edit video which take from you camcorder. But you have to pay $49 US dollars for Movie Edit Pro 15, and $89 US dollars for Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus.

Actually, we have a chance to get Movie Edit Pro Silver for free. How come? Just follow some steps below.

1, Go to this page, and click "Download Now" red button in the middle of article. Or just direct download Movie Edit Pro Silver here, this is a special free version for British Computeractive magazine users that called Movie Edit Pro Silver, and it has full features as Movie Edit Pro 15, but you still need registration code to activate software.

2, Install software, first time to run software it will appear a window that shows "you have 7 days without register". But we can register this program for free, just click "Register" button, it will take you to a web page, choose "I do not have login and would like to register", click "Proceed" button.

3, Fill your name, email address, and country, after done it will send you an email with a registration code. You can use it to activate program, click "Continue to use program" button, all done.

BTW, this promotion version will stop download at 08/21/09. If you like a professional video editor you should be doing quickly.

Magix有一些不错的专业软件,Movie Edit Pro就是其中的一个。它可以用来编辑来自摄影机所拍摄的视频。但是你需要为Movie Edit Pro 15支付49美元,或者为Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus支付89美元。


1, 到这个网页上,在文章中间 点击红色的"Download Now"按钮,或者直接在这里下载Movie Edit Pro Silver 。这是一个专为英国电脑杂志Computeractive用户所作的免费宣传版 - Movie Edit Pro Silver,不过它的功能与Movie Edit Pro 15并没有什么区别,你仍然需要一个注册码才能激活软件。

2,安装软件,在第一次运转软件的时候它会出现一个窗口,显示"有七天的免注册测试期"。但是我们可以免费注册该软件,只要点击"Register"按钮,它会带你到一个注册网页上,选择"I do not have login and would like to register",然后点击"Proceed"按钮。

3,输入你的姓名、电子邮件地址、国家。它会立刻发送一封附带软件注册码的邮件,你可以使用该注册码来激活软件,点击"Continue to use program"后就全部完毕。全部步骤可参考上面的截图。


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