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Who Correct My Second Language?

I always interest about language, I think if you can speak multiple languages it should be cool. Now, I am using two languages to write this blog: English and Chinese. I am not a native English speaker, twenty years ago I could not speak any English. To learn second language is very hard, you must have enough patience and a good language teacher. I know it is not everybody can have a good personal language teacher, my best English teachers were English radio stations and books.

Correct My Text is an online language community, if you are learning second language now it should be right for you. You can submit your text, and let other people who they are native speakers to correct your text (mistake words or wrong grammar). It sounds great! You will have so many good teachers in this community, they will improve your language. Meanwhile, you are also a good teacher for other people who they want learn your native language.

Now, Correct My Text supports Russian, English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Italian. But it also has a problem that is some people abuse this community, I saw some native Chinese speakers post some Chinese articles, this is not a good behavior for this community.


Correct My Text是一个在线语言社区,如果你正在学习第二种语言的话它就适合你。你可以提交你的文章,让那些说原语言的人来纠正你文章中的错误(拼写或语法错误)。听上去非常不错!在这个社区中你会有很多不错的老师,他们可以改善你的语言技巧。与此同时,对其他想学习你的语言的人来说,你也是一个不错的老师。

目前,Correct My Text支持俄语、英语、法语、德语、中文、日语、韩国语、葡萄牙语和意大利语。不过,它也存在一个问题,那就是有些人会滥用这个社区。我就看到一些人中文使用者发布中文文章,这就失去了该社区的原意。

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