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A Largest Online Abbreviation Dictionary

I think the most convenience on internet is information, you can search and check out everything without spend any pennies. For example, if I want check abbreviations for English I have to buy a special dictionary from bookstore. But on internet I can easy to find results without any problem.

Abbreviations is an online directory and search engine for acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms. It is a big directory and search engine, the content covers every subjects from computing to governmental, medicine and business and it is expanding daily. Just for an abbreviation ABC, it has 154 results including American Born Chinese. You can use first letter to search abbreviation that you wanted, or use category to find it. It also offers a search tool for IE, Firefox browsers that it will make you much easy while you surf online.


Abbreviations是一个专为英文缩写词所架设的网络指南目录和搜索引擎。它是一个很大的缩写词指南目录,所有的内容覆盖电脑、政府、医疗、商业。以及日常生活用语。仅仅缩写词ABC,它就有154个解释,包括American Born Chinese(美国出生的华人)。你可以使用首位字母来搜索你想要的词,或者使用分类来找到缩写词。它还为IE, Firefox浏览器提供一个搜索工具,这样在浏览网页的时候搜索起来就更容易。

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