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Grab Zoner Photo Studio 11 Xpress For Free

Zoner Photo Studio is an image software that helps you acquire, organize and browse through your photos while enhancing the pictures with a variety of additional information. You can also convert and edit images and apply a broad range of photo effects using the photo editor.

Zoner Photo Studio 11 is a newest version, it has two versions: one is for home users, costs $49 US dollars, another one is professional version that costs $99 US dollars. Actually, we can get a promotion version - Zoner Photo Studio 11 Xpress for free. It based on Zoner Photo Studio 11 pro versions, just no tech support.

It is very easy to get it. Just go to this page, fill your name and email address. Click "Register" button, it will send registration code to you at once.

Next step is download trial version, after installed software you can use registration code to activate it. Remember, it will appear a window ask you update, just click "No Interested" button, and choose "no update" option. All done, you can use it full feature for free now.

Zoner Photo Studio是一个图片软件,它可以帮助你获取、管理和浏览你电脑中的图片,并且改善和显示图片的一些额外信息。你也可以用来转换和编辑图片。

Zoner Photo Studio 11是目前最新版本,它有两个版本:家庭使用版本,价值49美元;另一个则是专业版,价值为99美元。其实我们可以免费得到它的宣传版Zoner Photo Studio 11 Xpress,这个版本基于专业版,只是没有技术服务支持而已。


下一步是下载试用版,在安装完成后你可以使用注册码来激活它。记住,它会出现一个窗口询问你是否愿意更新软件,只要点击"No Interested"按钮,选择“不更新”即可。这样,你就可以使用全部功能的软件了。

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