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Check Shortcut With ShortcutWorld

Some websites are very simple but also useful. Shortcut World is a this kind of site, it is an information site and lists many shortcuts of application, like Windows system, Widows Office, Firefox, IE, Photoshop, and some media players. You can easy check shortcuts with these software. It is not a complete shortcut site but still useful for normal people. I do not think I have spend more inks to write this site, you can go there and check out.

有些网站非常简单但也很实用。Shortcut World就是这类的一个网站,它是一个有关电脑信息的网站,提供一些有关运用程式中的快捷键信息,如Windows系统、Windows Office、Firefox、IE、Photoshop,以及一些媒体播放器。你可以查到这些软件的快捷键。它虽然不是一个完全的快捷键信息网站,但对一般用户来说还是相当有用。我不想在此多说什么,你可以直接到该网站上查看。

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