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Grab Full Version Of Power2Go 5.5 For Free

Power2Go is a disk burn and copy tool that from Cyberlink company. The newest version is Power2Go 6, full version costs $39.95 US dollars. After company pushed out new version it also giveaway older version Power2Go 5.5. It is a free lunch, why we do not want have it? Just follow few steps you can get it.

Go to this register page, fill your name and email address. Ignore this red sentence: "This event is available from 2008/06/12 to 2008/09/15". Click "Submit" button. It will send you an email with a software license key.

Download Power2Go 5.5 trial version. You can use it to activate product, you will get full feature version.

By the way, this giveaway already finished but some reason it still send out their product license key, if you really want this software you have grab it quickly. Who know when it closed door.

Power2Go是一个碟盘拷贝和烧录工具,它来自Cyberlink公司。目前最新的版本是Power2Go 6,全功能版本的价格是$39.95美元。在公司推出新版本后它也发送旧版本Power2Go 5.5。这是免费午餐,为何我们不享受呢?只要跟随下面的步骤就可以很容易地得到。

这个注册网页,输入名字和电子邮件地址。不要理会这段红色的文字:"This event is available from 2008/06/12 to 2008/09/15"。点击"Submit"按钮后它会发送一封附带产品注册码的邮件。

然后是下载Download Power2Go 5.5试用版,使用得到的注册码激活产品成为全功能版本。


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