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Read Web Page With A Firefox Extension

I have to read many articles everyday, sometimes my eyes bother me after I face monitor too long, I just think if someone can read article for me that should be nice. Actually, some software can do this job, like Microsoft Speech SDK, but I do not want install this huge software if I only want read some web pages.

CLiCk Speak is an extension for Firefox, it is small and easy to install with Firefox browser. Just like install other Firefox extension, few clicks make things done. After you installed this extension, restart Firefox and a toolbar will appear on Firefox. When you ready to read content you can use mouse to highlight text, then click "Speak Selection" button, it will read text for you. It is a free tool but only support English, if you want read other language text you have to buy additional voice.

我每天要阅读很多文章,当对着电脑太长时间后眼睛会感到不太舒服,这时候我回想要是有人能将文章念给我听该多好!其实,有一些软件可以达到这个目的,如Microsoft Speech SDK,但是我并不想安装这个巨大的软件,因为我仅仅想读一些网页文章。

CLiCk Speak是一个Firefox扩展件,它小巧而且容易安装,只需要几个点击即可完成。在安装完成后,一个工具条会出现在Firefox浏览器上。当你想要它读文章时,可以用鼠标将文本高亮,然后点击"Speak Selection"按钮,它会立刻开始读文本。这是一个免费小工具,但它仅仅支持英文,如果想要读别的语言的话就需要购买额外的语言包。

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