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An Online Language Community By RosettaStone

Shared Talk is an online language community, this site was created by famous language teaching company RosettaStone. This is a language exchange network, people from different countries and speak different languages. You can search a partner who speak native language that you want to learn.

I had a take look this community, it seems like a penpal community site, you have own mail box, you can have text or voice/video chat with your partner. You can add your partners into your network, but chatting is one to one. It also looks like an instant messenger, you can join any public language group, it is very similar with most instant messengers.

I think Shared Talk give you a chance to meet other people who from around the world and speak different languages, but if you are a new language learner it helps only a little.

Shared Talk是一个在线语言学习社区,它是著名的语言学习软件公司RosettaStone所创建的。这是一个语言交流网络,人们来自世界各地,说不同的语言,你可以选择你想要学习语言对象的人作为交流者。


我认为Shared Talk给你一个机会来认识来自世界各地,操各种语言的人,但如果你是一个语言学习新手的话,它并没有太多的帮助。

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