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Create Your Online Database With Grubba

Grubba is an online database for home and office, you can create your data online. For home users you can add something like: home inventory list, address book, phone directory, notebook, diary, bookmark, shopping list, and so on.

Why we have use an online database? It depends on what you think. I think it is a good way to backup your regular database, if your computer crashed you have another way to enter your database. Another good point is if you travel outside you can easy to check your database with any computer. For example, I store my phone directory in my main computer (desktop) and online database, I always bring my laptop when travel somewhere, I do not have to worry about my contact phone numbers. If I forgot something I always can get online to check my database. That is Grubba doing.

Grubba has two types of account, the basic account is free of charge, it can store 10000 records. Another one is a professional version that you have to pay.




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