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Use FreeVPN To Watch UK TV

In UK, people have to pay TV license fee for watch TV. That is why most British online TV sites banned users who are located outside of UK, like BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4. I had write a post that talk about how to use Tor Network to watch BBC iPlayer, but some people say Tor speed seems too slow. Most UK VPN services are not free, and some free VPN services are not located in UK, that is the problem people who live outside of UK can not watch UK TV program on internet.

Now, we have a solution: use FreeVPN to watch UK TV online, this is a free VPN service, it has two servers: one located in US, another one is in UK. I had try, it looks fine, and no problem to watch UK TV.

It is easy to get this free VPN, just go to FreeVPN, download and install a client. After that, double click an icon on system tray, open a window and pick up a server: Connect to USA #1 or Connect to UK. If you want watch UK TV you can pick up UK server, to watch US TV you have to pick up USA server. After click "Connect" button, it will connect to remove server. You do not have to fill any user ID and password, it automatically connected.

I do not know how long this free VPN will keeping, if the traffic too heavy it may change to paid version. You can try this free VPN now. Last point, my anti-spyware had warn when I running this client, it has potentially malicious (It will change your browser's homepage). So you have own risk to use this service.

在英国,人们需要交付一定的电视执照费才能收看电视。这也就是为什么大部分英国网络电视网站禁止英国以外的用户观看,如:BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4。我曾写过一篇如何使用Tor Network来观看BBC iPlayer,但有些用户反映Tor的速度太慢。大部分英国的VPN服务商并不免费,而一些仅有的免费VPN服务的服务器又不在英国,这对那些居住在英国之外的用户来说要观看英国电视是一件头痛的事。


要获得这个免费VPN也很容易,只要到FreeVPN网站,下载和安装一个客户端。之后,双击系统托盘上的小图标,在新窗口中选择一个服务器:Connect to USA #1或Connect to UK。如果你要观看英国电视节目可以选择英国的服务器,要观看美国的电视节目可选择美国服务器。在点击"Connect"按钮后它就会连接远端服务器。你并不需要输入用户名和密码,它会自动连接。


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