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Check & Play Music, Lyrics With TuneWiki

Tune Wiki is a music site that combines music, videos, community and lyrics. It offers you to play music, check lyrics, music chart, download some free music. An interesting point is it uses Google Maps to display a chart that top song from different places around the world. You can play music video they most are from Youtube. I also like its lyrics search engine, it is easy to find lyric that you interested.

Another feature is Tune Wiki allows some devices use it, like iPhone, Blackberry. I did not try these devices so I can not say anything about it.

Tune Wiki是一个音乐网站,它结合了音乐、视频、社区和歌词。它提供播放音乐、查看歌词、音乐排行、以及下载一些免费音乐。它的一个不错的特点是结合Google Maps来显示世界各地的最佳歌曲排行。你可以播放音乐视频,他们大多数来自Youtube。我也比较喜欢它的歌词搜索引擎,可以非常方便地搜索你想要歌词。

Tune Wiki的另一个特点是可以让你用一些设备来使用它,如iPhone,黑梅机等。我并没有测试这些设备,所以不能对此作任何评论。

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