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Make Your Own Fun Video Online

Sometimes we have to make fun with friends, family, computer can help us to make some magic scene. I would like introduce a website that can make you fun.

Madeup Memories is a video site that can take your facial photo instead of original video person face. Steps are very simple, pick up a mode, upload your facial photo to server, download processed video file or copy and paste code to your website. All done, have fun!


Madeup Memories是一个视频网站,它可以用你的脸部照片来替代原来视频中的任务脸部。具体步骤非常简单,选择一个模式,上传你的脸部照片,下载处理好的视频,或者拷贝和粘贴代码到你的网站上。全部完成。

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