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Grab Cyberlink MediaShow 4 For Free

Cyberlink is a good media software company, MediaShow is one of its product that combines videos & photos to create memorable slideshows. The latest version is MediaShow 5, costs $49.95 US dollars. But if you d not mind we can get old version MediaShow 4 for free.

Go to this page, fill your name and email address. After clicked "Submit" button, you will get an email with registration code.

Next step is download MediaShow 4, you can not find any old version on Cyberlink download page now, but you can direct download here. After that, you can install it and use registration code to activate it.

This promotion is for a British magazine, and it is available from 2009/07/01 to 2009/10/01, if you like you can grab it quickly.

Cyberlink是一个非常不错的多媒体软件公司,MediaShow是它属下的一个产品,可以融合视频和图片制成连续播放的节目。目前最新版本是MediaShow 5,价值49.95美元。如果你不介意的话,我们可以免费获得它的旧版本MediaShow 4。


下一步是下载MediaShow 4。现在你并不能在Cyberlink下载页面上找到旧版本,不过你可以在这里直接下载。之后,就可以安装和用你得到的注册码激活软件。


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