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Make Animated GIF Image From Youtube Video

GifSoup is a web converter that can help you to convert Youtube video to an animated GIF image file. Like most web converters, just fill a video address of Youtube into address bar, click "create", it will load that video. After that, you can pick scene time (it only convert 10 seconds). You can preview animated GIF file before you click "Finish" button. After all done, it will give you three size of image for download: 320x250 px, 250x200 px, 100x100 px.

Look at these GIF image, cool.

GifSoup是一个在线转换工具,它可以帮助你从Youtube视频中的画面转换成动画图片。如同大多数在线工具,只要在它的地址栏中输入Youtube视频文件的地址,点击"create",它会立刻载入该视频。然后,你可以选择要制成动画的画面时间(只能截取10秒钟的视频画面)。你可以在完成前预览即将制成的图片。当全部完成后,它会给你3种图片尺寸供下载:320x250 px、250x200 px、100x100 px。


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