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Play "Real" Property Game With Monopoly City Streets

Do you know Monopoly which is a board game published by Parker Brothers, a subsidiary of Hasbro. Now it pushes out an online game that called Monopoly City Streets, it uses Google Maps to display a "real" property around the world. You can search map and to find some street where you want buy, you can also sell it. It should be fun.

How to play it? First, you have to register an account, you can receive a new Chance Card, with some bonuses you can manage your property. You can use Monopoly money to buy unlocked land around the world, you can build and manage your city, rent your building for earn money to make your property growing up. If you have enough money you can buy a street, you can also sell your own street. If you do not have Monopoly money you have to buy it in real currency.

I am not a game player, I have not try. If you are interesting about this online game you have to a try.

你知道Monopoly吗?它是Parker Brothers推出的一种游戏,属于Hasbro的一部分。现在,它推出了一个在线游戏Monopoly City Streets,它基于Google Maps,可以玩转世界各地的地产。你可以搜索地图去发现你感兴趣的地产,购买或者出售你自己的地产。看上去非常不错。

如何玩转这个游戏?首先你需要注册一个账户,你会收到一个Chance Card,用你的奖金来管理你的地产。你可以使用Monopoly货币来购买世界上任何没有圈入的地产,建设和管理你的城市,出租你的房产来壮大你的房产生意。如果你有足够的钱的话,可以购买你想要的街道,当然也可以出售你自己的街道。如果你没有Monopoly货币的话你需要使用真正的钱来购买。


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