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Send Snail Mail Online

We know snail mail is sending by post office, it looks slow but still working fine. Most young people like use email, but sometimes we still need snail. Do you know we can send snail mail by internet? Yes, we can. Why we have to send snail mail by internet? Why we are not use email directly instead of snail mail? I personal think some people like snail mail, it is not everybody have computer, and convenient for internet snail mail. Today I would like introduce two these kind of services here.

Snailmailr is a web service that helps you compose mail online and send it by local post office. You can fill envelop and compose mail on this site, and pay your bill - $1 US dollar (included stamp). All done, it will manage your mail, like print, seal mail and delivery. But this service only cover US, maybe it will do international business in the future.

L-mail is another "internet to snail mail service" that also lets you write mail online, print and delivery. This is worldwide service, it has some print place in different countries, so it makes international mail delivery faster than regular - by day.

If you are interesting about these services you can check out two sites. They are little bit different.

我们知道snail mail是指通过邮局发送的邮件,它看上去很慢但还是有效。大多数年轻人习惯于发送电子邮件,但有时候我们仍然需要snail mail。你知道我们可以通过英特网来发送snail mail吗?没错,我们可以这么做。为何要通过英特网来发送snail mail?为何不直接发送电子邮件?我个人认为,一些人喜欢传统的snail mail,并不是每个人都有电脑,而且对国际邮件来说比较方便。今天,我要介绍两个这样的服务网站。




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