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Use Remote Virtual Machine To Bypass Internet Censorship

We have many ways to bypass local government, company, ISP censorship, of course hide IP address, like use proxy, Tor Network, or VPN service. Today, I like tell you another way that also can hide your IP address, and surf internet anonymously.

TUS is a web service that provides a platform for anonymous and safe internet surfing. It uses a special way to protect your online privacy completely, you do not have to worry about your online tracks, cookies, virus, spyware, because you are not use your own computer to surf online and browse websites. TUS offers you a remote virtualization desktop to do that job. It uses a client that called NoMachine, lets you control a remote virtual machine as your do own computer.

Well, let's talk about steps.

1, Register a free account.
2, Download a client.
3, Install client. you can see these screenshots below.

4, Run client, and control your remote machine. Look at these screenshots below.

You have to configure client when you first time running, it will run a client connection wizard.

Fill this information
Session: The Untraceable Surfer
Port: 443

Note: do not tick on "Disable encryption of all traffic".

After that two shortcuts appear on your desktop.

Next, run client and use your ID and password to login it.

If connection successful you will see this screen.

Click home icon on left corner of bottom you can open machine home page.

Click Firefox icon on left corner of bottom you can open Firefox browser, just like regular one.

All done. You can surf online anonymously now. If your broadband is enough your surf will not any problem, you can use it like your own machine, it has lot's of functions but it is not good for watch video or listen music, because you can not hear anything.

我们有很多方法来突破当地政府、公司、网络接入商的封锁,当然也包含隐藏IP地址,如使用代理、Tor Network,或者VPN服务。今天,我要介绍给大家的是另一种方法,它也能隐藏你的IP地址,帮助你匿名浏览网络。




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