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Some Cool Audio & Visible Sites

Nudge is a virtual instrument widget that allows you create and play music online, just use mouse clicks to create your own melody music. Very cool!

Incredibox is a cool site that allows you drag song icons to play a melody. Click on character it can stop current loop. A little bit hard to figure out how to do in the beginning.

Melody Catcher is a music search engine, the best point is it uses melody to search music. It has an instrument keyboard that lets you enter a melody, after that just click "Search" it will display some audio results. Very cool!



Melody Catcher是一个音乐搜索引擎,最突出的特点是它用旋律来进行搜索。它又一个乐器键盘,你可以输入一段旋律,然后点击"Search",它会显示搜索到的音频文件。非常酷!

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