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I like listen to online radio while I surf websites, we have two ways to listen online music: web based player or a desktop client. I use both, sometimes use web based player, sometimes is a client. If I want record something from radio I must use a client. Today I would like introduce a desktop client for listen and record internet radio program.

RadioTracker is a very good desktop client for listen and record music from internet radio program. Newest RadioTracker Platinum version costs $26.90 US dollars. But we can get an old version (RadioTracker 4) for free now.

Just go to this promotion page, click "Register" button, it will take you to another registration page, fill your email, name, click "Proceed and receive your serial codes" button. You will see a password: AQ-RT4. I guess everybody get same code. Next, download RadioTracker 4. Before you install this software it requires a password, you can fill this one: AQ-RT4.

I did try RadioTracker 4, it is very good for record music from some radio stations, but the software is too big - 44MB, compare to other radio recorders it seems a huge chunk.


RadioTracker是一个非常不错用于收听和录制网络电台节目的桌面客户端,它的RadioTracker Platinum版本价值26.90美元。不过我们可以免费得到一个旧版本(Radio Tracker 4)。

首先到这个宣传网页,点击 "Register"按钮,它会转入另一个注册页面,输入你的电子邮件地址、名字后点击"Proceed and receive your serial codes"按钮。你会看到这个密码:AQ-RT4。我想每个人得到的密码大概是相同的。下一步是下载RadioTracker 4。安装前它需要密码,你可以使用这个得到的密码:AQ-RT4

我试了一下RadioTracker 4,它的确非常不错,但它的体积太大-44MB,比较一些其他的网络电台录制客户端,它就像一个超级大块头。

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