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Post Pictures For Update Your Daily Life Information

Do you like make friends on internet? Online social network is a good place for that, like My Space, Facebook, and so on. Others like online micro-blog, like Twitter, you post something and people follow you if they are interesting about your subject. Today, I would like introduce another one.

DailyBooth is a good way to share your daily life with other people in pictures. Instead of text, it only posts your picture for update your daily information. You can post pictures by several ways: web, email, cellphone. It looks like a visible Twitter, you post your pictures and people follow you, you will have a friend group.

It is a free service, if you like make new friends you should take a look.

你是否喜欢在网络上交朋友?在线社会性网站是一个不错的地方,如My Space, Facebook等等。别的,如微博克如Twitter,你可以发布什么,如果别人对你的话题感兴趣的话可以附和。今天,我想介绍另一个网络服务。



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