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A Useful Trick For Use Chinese VPN To Watch Live Sport Games

I had a post that talk about Try Chinese VPN To Watch England Premier League Online, it introduced a way to use a small Chinese software to search some free Chinese VPN servers for watch England Premier League live soccer game on a Chinese website. This website called Sina Video, it can watch some live sport games included live soccer games. The problem is this program only for Chinese IP address, so if you are not live in China you have to use a fake Chinese IP to watch it.

As I said, a Chinese VPN can help you to watch sport game, but the speed is not enough for watch stream video. I have a simple trick that can speed up your connection. Let me tell you how.

First, you have to open Yifei VPN to set up a connection with a VPN server, after it connected you can go to Sina TV. It has some Chinese TV programs, you can choose (Euro Football Channel) that plays sport games all the time. Remember, it requires IE browser, if you are using Firefox you can install an add-on "IE Tab". You do not have to open IE browser, just switch to an IE tab in Firefox.

After you click a channel let video load, the picture complete appears on screen, you can disconnect VPN. You do not need VPN now, because Sina Video uses P2P technology to transfer data, it only detects your IP address in the beginning. So, if your local internet speed is faster than VPN connection you can shut off VPN connection. But you can not switch channel or refresh current page, if you watch a replay game on this page it only works once time, if you want watch another game you have to use VPN server to build a connection again.

This solution just for slow VPN server, it works very well for me.




首先,你要打开飞易VPN,连接到服务器上,当一个连接建立后,可到Sina TV,里面有一些中文电视频道。你可以选择欧洲足球频道,它总是在播放一些体育节目。请注意,它需要使用IE浏览器,Firefox的用户可以安装一个添加件:"IE Tab"。你无需打开IE浏览器,只要在Firefox界面上另开一个IE窗口即可。



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