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Try A French P2P Client To Watch Internet TV

We have some p2p internet TV clients, like TVU, SopCast, PPlive, these p2p clients can take many TV programs including foreign TV stations on your computer monitor without pay any penny. But these clients are Chinese products, can we find other p2p client for watch TV program? Today, I would like share one with everybody.

PeerTV is a French p2p client that helps you to watch internet TV program as others. Why do we have to use p2p TV client to watch internet TV program and instead of regular web TV client? I think it has two main points: one is p2p TV client is faster than regular web TV client; another reason is p2p client is stable. I use some p2p TV clients to watch some foreign TV stations, they are very stable.

Now, let me show you how to get PeerTV. It is a French version, if you do not understand French you can look at these screenshots below.

1, Download PeerTV client below:
PeerTV 2.0.0 beta build 109 (Vista/7)
PeerTV 1.1.2 (XP)

2, Install client

Click "Suivant" (Next) button.

Click "Oui" (Yes) button.

Just follow clicks "Suivant" (Next) button to end.

Click "Quitter" (Exit) button.

After all done, you can start client, the interface looks like this creenshot.

It is not very hard to figure out how to use it. Choose one station, double clicks it or one click "Play" icon button on bottom, it will pop-up another window, it can use your default media player to play TV program.

我们有一些点对点网络电视客户端,如:TVU, SopCast, PPlive。他们可以被用来通过网络收看电视节目,包括一些国外的电视台节目,而且无需花费一分钱。但这些客户端都是中国的产品,能不能发现别的点对点客户端呢?今天我要与大家分享另一个客户端。



1, 点击下面你的系统,下载PeerTV:
PeerTV 2.0.0 beta build 109 (Vista/7)
PeerTV 1.1.2 (XP)

点击"Suivant" (下一步) 按钮。
点击"Oui" (是) 按钮。
可跟随点击 "Suivant" (下一步) 按钮。
点击"Quitter" (退出) 按钮,一直到结束。



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