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Web Tools 09/27/09

Meta Clock - an online clock that can remind you or wake you up.

Ivr Hacks - collects information that can help you bypass phone automatic answer machine, so you can direct talk to somebody when you call a company or government department.

Online Links Scan - an online tool that can scan website's link.

Scrib Links - a free digital whiteboard that users can share online in real-time.

Monitter - a real time Twitter monitor, lets you set a keyword to monitor.

Meta Clock - 一个在线钟表,它可以设置成提醒或者唤醒功能。

Ivr Hacks - 收集有关绕过自动电话应答机的信息,这样就可以在你拨打一个公司或政府部门的电话时直接人工对话。

Online Links Scan - 一个在线工具,可扫描网站的链接。

Scrib Links - 一个数字白板,可在线即时分享。

Monitter - 一个在线Twitter监视网站,可让你设置关键词并监视相关信息。

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