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Creat & Send Your Own Design Real Postcard Online

I had a post which introduced send snail mail online, this is a new service, use your computer to compose mail, let internet service company print and delivery. Compare to real land mail service, internet snail mail service fee is cheap, especially for some service companies have some print agents in local area. Today, I would like tell you another similar service, send your own designed real postcard by internet.

Blurtt is an internet service that helps you to create and send your own postcard to your family or friends around the world. Simple concept as send snail by internet service, you just create your own design postcard or pick a mode from server, fill your information and both address. Blurtt will do rest things (print & delivery) for you. It only costs $.99 (USA) and $1.50 (international) including postage.

I had try send a postcard to Japan with this service, but still too early to judge if this service good or not, I am still waiting for receiver's feedback.




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