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Grab ZC DVD Creator Platinum For Free

ZC DVD Creator Platinum is a product that from ZC Software company, it is a simple DVD creator software package that can convert almost any video source to burn DVD directly without having to first store it on a hard drive. It costs $39.95 US dollars, but we can get it for free now. It is a promotion for a German software download site - Winload, but do not worry about language, just follow these steps below.

Go this page, fill your email address into a newsletter bar, click "LOS!" button, it will send you an email with a confirmation link. Just click this link, it should take you to another web page with file download link and a registration code (also send you another email with both information)。You can download the file and install with that code.

ZC DVD Creator Platinum是一个来自ZC Software公司的产品,它可以让你简单地将所有视频格式转换成DVD并直接烧制成碟盘。它的零售价为39.95美元,但现在我们可以免费得到。这是一个德国软件下载网站-Winload的宣传活动,但不要担心语言,只要跟随下列步骤即可。


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