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Keep Your Useful Software Update Automatically

I like test software so my computer installed many useful software, but after a while I forgot them, even did not use them very often, many software are out of current version, so I have to update new version for each one if I still want keep them. Today, I like introduce a web service that can help you to get some popular software, and keep them update once time in background.

Volery is a useful internet service that can help you to get some software and keep update new version once time with hands free. Actually, you do not have to do anything after installed a Volery application. First, you have to register an account, it is a beta version so you have to require a demo code. If you do not have a demo code you can go here ask one.

After you sign in, you can pick some software that you wanted, scroll down click "Get Installer" button. It will test and install these newest version software into your hard driver.It is very simple to use, and save a lot of time.


Volery是一个非常实用的网络服务,它可以帮助你更容易地获得和一次更新你的软件。事实上,在你安装 Volery后你并不需要做任何事情。首先,你需要注册一个账户,它还处于测试阶段所以需要一个示范代码才能注册。如果你手上没有代码的话可以到这里申请一个。

在你注册后你可以选择你想要的软件,在网页下方点击"Get Installer"按钮。它会探测和下载安装最新版本的软件到你的电脑硬盘。非常简单,节省很多时间。

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