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Make Over Your Portrait

Pink Mirror is an online image editor that can helps you remove blemishes, spots, acne marks for your portraits. It is a simple tool, just upload your portrait (only for facial photo), fill your email ID and click "Pink Mirror" button. It will display before and after make over photos on screen. But I do not know why it need our email address.

Pink Mirror是一个在线图片编辑器,它可以帮助你去除脸部肖像中的污点、斑点、粉刺。这是一个简单的在线工具,只要上传你的肖像(仅限脸部图片),输入你的电子邮件地址,点击"Pink Mirror"按钮。它会在屏幕上显示未处理和处理后的肖像图片。但是我不太懂为何它需要我们的邮件地址。

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