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Play Online Game At Work

I know many people need work at front of computer whole day, but sometimes they have nothing to do, works all done or take a break. If your computer can access internet maybe you can play some simple online games at work, but your boss and co-worker will never know what you are doing.

Can't You See I'm Busy is a website that offers three fake sheets cover simple online games for computer workers. These three sheets are Break Down, Leader Ship, Cut Costs. Click each links they will open a new window with a work sheet, you can play simple game for take relax. Do not worry about your boss and co-workers, they will think you are working now.

Break Down

Leader Ship

Cut Costs


Can't You See I'm Busy为电脑工作者提供三个伪装工作页面下的在线游戏,他们是Break Down, Leader Ship, Cut Costs。点击每个链接可分别打开一个新的窗口,里面是伪装的工作页面,你可以在上面玩一个简单的在线游戏放松一下。别担心,你的老板和同事会认为你是在工作。

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