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Recently, VPN service seems so popular, Chinese government blocked many anonymous services including some VPN servers, so people are looking for new VPN service. Today, I would like tell you a new VPN service, maybe you can try.

VPN Tool is a VPN service that company registered in Israel, it offers a VPN server in France, so if you use its VPN the IP address will display in France. Compare to other VPN services that use Open VPN or PPTP, VPN Tool uses L2TP/IPSEC connect to server. It is a little bit different other protocol, you need download and install a software, after that you can switch your connection.

Register is very simple, pick one (L2TP or IPSEC) that you liked, Click link and fill your information on a new page, Click "SUBSCRIBE" button, you will download a client, meanwhile your user ID and password will display on the page. After installed it you can double click VPNtool icon on desktop or in Network Connections folder, fill your user ID and password on a small window, click "Connect" button it will switch to VPN server. Maybe you need reboot your computer if you could not connect VPN server. I did that way.

I did a try, speed is OK. It works with VOIP software, web browsing, email, p2p, ftp, instant messaging, streaming, games etc. It did not mention how long you can use this VPN service but it is free now. I want tell you a true, the company also run an adult site, so you have own risk if you do not like it.

P.S. This VPN only for Windows 2000/XP. It is not for Vista.


VPN Tool是一个VPN服务网站,注册公司在以色列,但提供的VPN服务器在法国,所以当你使用它的VPN服务器后所显示的IP地址在法国。与其他使用Open VPN或PPTP协议的VPN服务网站不同, VPN Tool使用的是L2TP/IPSEC连接协议。这有点不同,你需要下载一个客户端,之后就可以转换网络连接。



注:这个VPN服务仅仅适用Windows 2000/XP。它并不适合Vista。

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