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Web Links 10/30/09

Google Music - Google added a music search feature that makes search music content faster and easier than before.

Twitalyzer - a web based tool that can check social network user's influence.

Iweavr - a simple bookmarklet that can list related sites by one click when you visit a website, easy to share links on Twitter, Facebook, and email.

Booster MP3 - another music search and listening site.

Gazopa - a similar image search engine that allows you to upload a image or draw your own picture to search similar pictures.

Conduit - a web service that lets you to create your own style toolbar for free.

Google Music - Google添加了音乐搜索功能,使得搜索音乐内容比以前更容易和快速。

Twitalyzer - 一个在线工具,可用来查看用户在一些社会性网络网站上的影响力。

Iweavr - 一个简单的书签,在你访问一个网站的时候可以一键列出相关网站列表,并快速在Twitter, Facebook和使用电子邮件分享链接。

Booster MP3 - 另一个MP3音乐搜索和聆听网站。

Gazopa - 一个相似图片搜索引擎,它可以让你上传或画出你自己的图案来进行搜索。

Conduit - 一个在线服务网站,它让你创建自己风格的工具条。

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