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Another Place For Watch Documentary Videos Online

I do not care about movie but I do like documentary. I had some posts that introduced some good places you can watch documentaries, like PBS, Free Documentaries, and so on. Today, I like share another good video site that lets you watch documentary videos.

NFB is a Canadian video site that hosted by National Film Board of Canada, it offers hundreds of documentaries, short films and animations on website for free watch. No special request, only thing you must have that is Adobe Flash Player.

我并不太在意一般的电影,但我很喜欢看纪录片。我以前介绍过一些网站可以收看纪录片,如PBSFree Documentaries等等。今天,我想与大家分享另一个可以观看记录片的好地方。

NFB是一个加拿大视频网站,主办者是加拿大电影协会,它提供上百部纪录片、动画和短片让你免费观看。不许要特别的设备,唯一需要的是Adobe Flash Player即可。

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