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Create Web Based Chatting Room With Audio & Video

EKKO.TV offers a new service that allows you to create a multiple (three users) chatting room with audio and video online. This is a web based application, even you do not have to register. You can go to
this page, click "Start Now" button, it will ask you open webcam and microphone. Next, take a user name, and click "Enter" button. You can copy a web address from address bar, send it to someone who you want talk to. This person can use this link to join your chatting room. You guys can talk to each other in text, video and audio.

EKKO.TV提供一个新服务,它可以让你创建一个在线多方(三个用户)多媒体聊天室。这是一个在线程式,甚至你不需要注册。你可以到这个网页,点击"Start Now"按钮,它会询问你打开网络探头和麦克风。下一步是取一个使用名,点击"Enter"按钮。你可以从下方的地址栏中拷贝一个网址,将此网址发送给你想要聊天的对象,他可以使用这个链接地址来加入你的聊天室。你们立刻可以使用视频、音频和文字进行交谈。

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