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Grab PPTminimizer 4 For Free

PPTminimizer is an application that compresses PowerPoint presentations and Word documents without zipping & unzipping. It is not freeware that costs $39.95 US dollars, but today we can get it for free.

Actually, the steps are very easy. Just go to this page, fill your information, click "Request License" button. It will display user ID, registration code on another page. After that you can download application and install it.

This promotion application is PPTminimizer 4.0.


其实,索取免费注册码的步骤非常简单,只要到这个网页,输入你的个人信息,点击"Request License"按钮。它会在另一个网页上显示使用者ID和注册码。接下来是下载软件,最后是安装和激活软件。

这个宣传版本是PPTminimizer 4.0。

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