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A Useful Web Service If Something Happened To You

Sometimes something happened we never know before, if an accident killed you who can enter your email account? Your family? friends? If you did not tell them about your password nobody can get in. If you have very important things in your email, like contact to your bank account, online shopping information, who can help your family to get these important information?

Now, we have a solution. Dead Man's Switch is a web service that can help you make your email switch to other person. Actually, the concept is simple and service is good. You should register an account with Dead Man's Switch before you use this service, after that you can create emails that secured store in server til one day send to other one. you can make some people who will receive your email after something happened to you. The server system fault schedule is after you log in server 30 days that it will send you an email, you have to log in your account that makes sure you are still alive. If you did not come back it will send second mail, and third mail. If no any respondence Dead Man's Switch will send these emails which stored on server to someone who you wanted.

Maybe sounds not good but useful.


现在,我们有了一个解决方案。Dead Man's Switch是一个网络服务网站,它可以帮助你将重要的邮件转发给他人。其实,这个概念很简单但实用。首先你需要在Dead Man's Switch上注册一个账户,然后创建你的电子邮件,这些邮件会用加密的方式储存在服务器上直到有一天发出。你可以添加收件人,他们会在你过世后收到邮件。服务器系统设置在你登陆30天后给你发出第一封通知邮件,你需要登陆服务器以确定你还活,如果没有动作的话它会发出第二封和第三封邮件。如果仍然没有动作的话,Dead Man's Switch将给你添加的收件人发送你所储存的邮件。


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