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Anonymous Network, I2P

I have post several articles to talk about how to protect your online privacy, like use secure proxy client, VPN, Tor Network, but I did not mention some alternate anonymous network network. I2P is one that offering a simple layer that identity-sensitive applications can use to securely communicate. It also supports some other applications like mail, peer-peer, IRC chat, and others.

Actually, it is a little bit hard to figure out I2P if you have never touch this kind of network before. It was designed for internal community but still can connect outside network. For internal network, it uses .i2p instead of .com, but for most people, we want use it to surf outside network like to browse regular websites. Well, this part is not difficult. Let me tell how to do.

First, you have to download newest version I2P 0.7.7. Then, install it to you hard drive. Look at these screenshots below.

Just follow steps keep click til finish.

After that, you have to change your browser's Network Connection:

Open I2P application, a small icon will stay on system tray.

Use right click this icon, and click "Open router console", it will take you to this welcome page, you can learn how to use it. If everything is OK, now you can browse regular websites. Go to Google, it will display Google French version.

我有一些文章是介绍如何保护你的网络隐私,如使用加密的代理客户端、VPN、Tor Network,但我并没有提到一些独立的匿名网络。I2P就是这样一个网络,它提供一个简单的保护层来保护你的网络交流,它也支持一些其他的客户端,如电子邮件、点对点客户端、IRC聊天器等等。


首先,你需要下载最新版本的I2P 0.7.7,然后安装到你的硬盘中,只要一步一步跟着点击下去就可以了,可参考上面的截图。

之后,你需要更改浏览器的网络连接配置:。打开I2P软件,一个小图标会出现在系统托盘上。使用鼠标右键点击该图标,再点击"Open router console",它会打开这个欢迎页面,你可以从中学到如何使用该网络。如果一切顺利的话,现在你可以用它来浏览常规的网站。到Google,它会显示一个法文版的页面。

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